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A spanish language school in Leticia, Amazonas

Article by Albeiro Rodas. Spanish is without doubts one of the most important languages of our time. Spoken by billions, it is now the second language in US. As we can talk of a British, American or Australian English, it is possible to talk of an European, Mexican, Argentinian, Peruvian or Colombian Spanish at the same level.

Among those different national Spanish languages the Colombian one has a great prestigious. Therefore, to study Spanish in Colombia is more than recommended, because its fame of neutral, diction, correct grammar and it is easy to understand, plus the kindness of its people. Now well, what if you come to study Spanish in the middle of the Amazon jungle? Possible and a great idea now with a new conception of tourism in places like Leticia.

Paulo Silva and Alejandra Palacios are a couple of Colombian-Swedish who just opened a new hotel and school of Spanish for foreigners in Leticia! The place is just interesting and exiting: it is the Colombian city in the middle of the Amazon jungle. A great tourist spot for lovers of ecology and natural cultures of the most important jungle of the world. Leticia is an international river port at the banks of the Amazon River. It is the meeting place of three big South American nations: Brazil, Peru and, of course, Colombia. A city with streets in three countries that starts to open its doors to a national and international tourism.

Alejandra and Paulo answered to Colombian Passport like this:

Why to teach Spanish in Leticia?

Because Leticia is a small city, friendly and easy to know. It is surrounded by a unique and exuberant nature and a natural rich culture that makes the place good to learn new things and a language like Spanish. The city offers also a great tourist potentiality and ecological environment not only as a destiny for Colombians, but also as an international destiny.

For our visitors and students, Leticia is an ecological paradise. It is not only for the beauty of its nature, but also that interesting cultural mixture and the richness of the traditions of its people. Our students appreciate that the people of this place comes from everywhere: from Colombia, Peru and Brazil. There are also a great variety of indigenous communities that go beyond the imaginary borders of the countries. Leticia, although many would not believe it in Colombia, is an international city by natural and vocation and it has many opportunities to learn new things.

How is the coming of tourists to Leticia?

It has increased and it seems that will increase even more. It is a pity though that until few years ago most of the visitors were foreigners, because only few Colombians from the interior could pay the ticket to come here and appreciate the value of nature. However, in the last years, thanks to the opening of new airlines, the destiny became more accessible to the national market and also to foreigners who visit Cartagena and Bogotá.

We receive also a big number of visitors by sea who come from Iquitos and Manaos. They come to Leticia, but after they visit other parts of Colombia, looking especially the longed Caribbean beaches. In this sense, the city became a point of reception to foreign travelers to other national and international destinies, because many come to Leticia in order to take the ships in the border Brazilian city of Tabatinga to Manaos and other Brazilian places.

How is going the development of the region? Salubrity, education, opportunities for the youth?

Improving. Leticia and the Amazons State is a place of a lot progress. The nature is rich and generous in terms of food. Here, thanks to God, we do not have lacks of food. However, the big problem is the handling of drinkable water, a situation that affects very much the health. Other difficulty is the electricity. We have electricity, but it has a big ecological and economical cost, because it works by fossil fuel that is so harmful for the fragile ecosystems.

Because the geographical isolation, education and youth do not have the longed motivation. We have the SENA and the National University and some private universities that offer programs and distance courses, but the offer is very short.

Although the limits, there is a light for this city of the colors or the Green Corner of the World. We receive support from missions, volunteers, pastors and churches and some private sector of foreigners that support different projects for the indigenous communities, programs of environment, technical skill, etc.

Personally, we know and we support organizations like the Swedish that during the last 15 years built about 60 schools in the communities along the river in the three borders with the support of volunteers. At the same time, they are looking solutions to have a best access to drinking water in order to fight diarrhea that is the main cause of undernourishment and infant mortality in the region.

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