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Aprendiendo hacer jabon y shampoo con ingredientes locales.


comunidad aprendiendo


Learning doing soap and shampoo with local ingredienser to sell tourist.


Partner: Parque Mundo Amazonico

Volonteer: Amanda Knaap

Amanda stated and made this project happen during his spanish studies at

She learned spanish and join this meaninful volonteer work  in Leticia-Amazonas.

Two girls at local indian town -Kilometro 7, close to the Amazonian Park  now are doing and sell to the park and tourist these products that Amanda trained.

Thank you Amanda for all your dedication and passion to this project 🙂

Study Spanish in Leticia, Amazonas – Colombia

The Amazon Spanish College offers an opportunity to study Spanish and discover the Amazon rainforest.

The Amazon Spanish College is located in Leticia, in the most Southern part of the country where Colombia, Brazil and Peru meet on the Amazon River. The unique setting of the city makes it a direct neighbor with the Brazilian city of Tabatinga and with the island of Santa Rosa, Peru.

The Amazon Spanish College offers spanish courses at all levels, free social and cultural activities and volunteer work. You can stay with a host family or in a comfortable room in the campus area.

Leticia is a peaceful city with 40 000 inhabitants and an ideal place for your Spanish course. It also serves as the perfect base for eco-tourist activities as well as for the studies of wildlife and flora in the Amazon region.

Learn spanish – discover Amazonas.

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Learn spanish in Amazonas – Colombia. The Amazon Spanish College offers a 10% discount on the course fee when you enroll and study june, july or august. Just add “summer campaign” inte field “campaign/discount code” when you enroll at

The Amazon Spanish College

The Amazon Spanish College - Students

Entrance - The Amazon Spanish College

Visit Leticia – Amazonas – Colombia

Learn Spanish at The Amazon Spanish College

Stay at the hotel Amazon Bed and Breakfast

Hotel Amazon Bed and Breakfast – a comfortable stay in Leticia

Learn spanish with a friend in Amazonas – Colombia

The Amazon Spanish College offers a 10% discount on the course fee when you enroll together with a friend and study september, october or november. Just add “autumn campaign” inte field “campaign/discount code” when you enroll.

The Amazon Spanish College

Read more about the school here The Amazon Spanish College

Amazonas – a magic world

If you want to visit one of the most beautiful places on earth while
getting to know a completely new culture and learning spanish this is
the place to go. My ten weeks in the city of Leticia can only be
described as Amazing, as is appropriate considering its location in the
centre of the Amazon rainforest.

The sheer beauty of the location – the views, the plants, the animals – is enough to satisfy the most demanding traveller. But more than the beauty, what was so incredible about the journey I made, is how I learnt about and became a part of what to me was a completely new and different culture.

Feeding monkeys, visiting a serpentarium and seeing a horned frog, spending a day in a colombian day-care-centre, going to a carnival across the border, in Brazil, dancing the traditional Latin-American dances, going out with local friends, going along the amazing Amazon river, eating the traditional breakfast for kings, going by “moto-taxi”, crossing the borders and being in three countries in one day. I can truly say that I feel lucky to have experienced everything I have seen and done on this journey.

And none of it would have been possible without The Amazon Spanish College. Living with a host family gives you a unique opportunity to become a part of the culture as well as helping you immensely in your studies of the spanish language. More than simply taking care of your basic needs such as picking you up from the airport and making sure your accommodation is up to scratch the College is always prepared with something new to do, some new aspect of the culture to discover.

The niceness and helpfulness of the owners and staff of the College goes beyond simply giving you a place to sleep and spanish classes. They are constantly coming up with new activities and finding new ways of learning and becoming part of the culture, determined to make this the journey of your life.

As they say: “el riesgo es que te quieras quedar”. The only risk is that
you want to stay.

Welcome to Leticia, Amazonas – Colombia

Welcome to Colombia!