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Learn Spanish in Amazonas

Thank you Aura for this beutiful video.

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comunidad aprendiendo


Learning doing soap and shampoo with local ingredienser to sell tourist.


Partner: Parque Mundo Amazonico

Volonteer: Amanda Knaap

Amanda stated and made this project happen during his spanish studies at

She learned spanish and join this meaninful volonteer work  in Leticia-Amazonas.

Two girls at local indian town -Kilometro 7, close to the Amazonian Park  now are doing and sell to the park and tourist these products that Amanda trained.

Thank you Amanda for all your dedication and passion to this project 🙂

Volonteer work developing artistic skills

profesor antonio teaching artprofeso antonio teaching art 2exposicion antoniolos ninosOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATeacher Antonio is a local artist in Leticia -Amazonas. He has created his own museum -Museo del Bugego, 4 kilometer  from Leticia. He is looking for his next volonteer apprentice! Send your application here, you really need basic spanish.

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Learnspanishincolombia's Blog

The Amazon Spanish College offers an opportunity to study Spanish and discover the Amazon rainforest.

The Amazon Spanish College is located in Leticia, in the most Southern part of the country where Colombia, Brazil and Peru meet on the Amazon River. The unique setting of the city makes it a direct neighbor with the Brazilian city of Tabatinga and with the island of Santa Rosa, Peru.

The Amazon Spanish College offers spanish courses at all levels, free social and cultural activities and volunteer work. You can stay with a host family or in a comfortable room in the campus area.

Leticia is a peaceful city with 40 000 inhabitants and an ideal place for your Spanish course. It also serves as the perfect base for eco-tourist activities as well as for the studies of wildlife and flora in the Amazon region.

Learn spanish – discover Amazonas.

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Volunteer work in Amazonas: Projecto Corazon del Mundo

Volunteer work in Amazonas: Projecto Corazon del Mundo

Learn spanish and join this exacting volunteer work in Leticia – Amazonas.
This project is conducted in partnership between Parque Ecológico Mundo Amazónico and the Amazon Spanish College in Leticia, and seeks to develop sustainable business models with ecological components for local communities. The products include soap, shampoo, and lotion, which are all organic and created in the Amazon Rainforest. This products help to the development process for the local people and your support is much appreciated.

more about this volunteer work with Amazon Spanish College here

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Garden Flowers at Hotel Amazon Bed and Breakfast

Garden flowers at Hotel Amazon Bed and Breakfast in Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia!







ImageHotel Amazon Bed and Breakfast, Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia

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Visit hotel Amazon Bed and Breakfast on facebook

Visit hotel Amazon Bed and Breakfast on facebook:

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Bienvenidos a Leticia, Amazonas /Welcome to Leticia, Amazonas

Bienvenidos a Leticia, Amazonas /Welcome to Leticia, Amazonas

We offer quality accommodation in comfortable bungalows. The hotel Amazon Bed and Breakfast is located in central Leticia, only minutes away from the amazon river.

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Sunset in Leticia, Amazonas